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Banned from RBY NU for its Amnesia-using antics, Golduck is in a strange place in RBY UU, with the frightful Tentacruel and Normal-type attackers like Persian constantly badgering its set-up attempts. Being faster than its similarly forgetful friend Poliwrath and lacking its Psychic weakness, however, it can scrounge for a niche as a battering ram against Pokemon like Hypno that can turn Articuno into set-up fodder. This gives Golduck some polarising matchups that goad it into a mid-game wallbreaker role that aims to remove key players on the opposing team, rather than being a simple sweeper.

Golduck's concerns mainly come from its complete inability to break through common bulky Water-types like Vaporeon, Dewgong, and, of course, tier-king Tentacruel. Tentacruel is of particularly pressing concern, as Wrap will delay its set-up attempts and force it out once it begins approaching KO range for physical attackers like Dodrio and Kangaskhan. For these reasons, Poliwrath tends to be preferred, having improved physically-orientated stats that allow it to be more sturdy in the face of threats like this, as well as possessing moves like Earthquake and Hypnosis for better coverage and overall utility.

name: Amnesia Wallbreaker
move 1: Amnesia
move 2: Hydro Pump
move 3: Blizzard
move 4: Counter

Set Description

Amnesia actualises Golduck's role and is largely what gives it its niche in RBY UU. By shoring up its Special, Golduck's Hydro Pump can not only 2HKO Hypno at +2, but also turns its Psychic from a likely 3HKO to only a possible 5HKO, allowing it to cleanly win the matchup and heavily punish Rest variants. That's not all, though; +2 Hydro Pump can OHKO Kangaskhan and Pinsir half the time, OHKOs Persian around a quarter of the time, and KOs Raichu, Electrode, Electabuzz, and Kadabra if they've taken around 20% damage prior. Even without a boost, Hydro Pump will always OHKO Dugtrio. Blizzard complements Golduck's coverage to let it KO Grass-types like Victreebel and Venusaur if they've taken even 5% prior. Counter ensures Golduck's sweep can't simply be stopped by Normal-type attackers like Kangaskhan, Persian, and Dodrio, dealing massive damage if they attack with their Normal STAB moves. This also lets Golduck act as a contingency against their Hyper Beams if its teammates are in range and its wallbreaking ability isn't necessary, taking the blow and responding with a Counter to OHKO next turn. It should also be noted that Golduck is one of few Pokemon capable of handling Kangaskhan's one-two punch of Body Slam into Hyper Beam, giving it ample opportunity to respond with Counter in these cases as well. However, trigger discipline is encouraged, as a clued-in player will usually try to attack Golduck with moves that don't trigger Counter, such as Earthquake, Drill Peck, or Thunderbolt.

Golduck absolutely loves seeing an Articuno revealed early, as Articuno can only fish for a freeze in the matchup. Once Golduck has set up an Amnesia, it can cleanly 2HKO Articuno with a +2 Hydro Pump, and if it wins the Speed tie, it can come out with very high HP as well. Similarly, Golduck is capable of coming in on Hypno to set up, and given its near-mandatory presence in the tier, this is a common opportunity. Thereafter, Golduck can set up and try to break through it. Outside of this, Golduck likes to enter the field via Tentacruel's Wrap pivoting, as well as other "free" opportunities it can attain like double switching. Golduck functions best against teams that forgo Grass-type sleepers like Tangela, Victreebel, and Venusaur for additional speedy attackers like Dugtrio and Persian. In these cases, it doesn't need to worry about Razor Leaf and can target their squishy special bulk. However, due to the presence of Tentacruel in the tier, Golduck should be partnered with at least two Pokemon that at least tie it in Speed; Persian, Dodrio, and especially Kadabra are great choices to this end.

Other Options

Golduck's movepool is surprisingly large and allows it to customize itself nicely. Counter is the most droppable move given it's a very targeted option, but Blizzard can also be dropped in the event the player is willing to accept a bad Grass-type matchup. However, dropping Hydro Pump is generally ill-advised because of the amazing KO ranges it attains, as these are a massive part of its game plan.

Surf can be used for improved accuracy and attacking PP alongside Hydro Pump, allowing Golduck to win matchups more consistently without taking unnecessary damage.; if used over Hydro Pump, the drop in power is extremely noticeable. Ice Beam can be used for similar purposes, but in this case, it functions better alongside Rest for a more defensive approach. This is because freeze has an 81.98% chance of occurring factoring in all of Ice Beam's PP, letting Golduck cheese wins against bulky Water-types trying to counter it. Rest is a fine option in general outside of this case though, as it can give Golduck further opportunities to set up. However, it also means Golduck is completely passive for two turns, which is enough for RBY UU's many big attackers to mortally threaten it. Confusion can be used—preferably over Counter—to specifically target Tentacruel, as it can sometimes 3HKO Tentacruel at +2, a number of hits it can get if Tentacruel purposefully tries to Wrap it down to KO range.

Checks and Counters

**Super Effective Coverage**: While Golduck can protect itself with Amnesia, it doesn't suddenly become invincible. In fact, critical hits from moves like Thunderbolt and Razor Leaf, the latter of which is usually near-guaranteed, swiftly end Golduck's run. Gyarados, Electrode, Electabuzz, Raichu, and Haunter can all use Thunderbolt, and Victreebel and Venusaur love nothing more than to fry Golduck with Razor Leaf.

**Strong Physical Attackers**: Pokemon like Dodrio, Kangaskhan, Persian, and Dugtrio are all capable of revenge killing Golduck or dealing enough damage to functionally incapacitate it for the rest of the game. While it can use Counter to stop them, the jig is up if they scout for it. Persian, arguably the strongest of the bunch, is the least capable of doing this, though, forced into using Thunderbolt and taking a nuclear blow in return.

**Bulky Water-types**: Golduck enters a stalemate against bulky Water-types, but will eventually get PP stalled due to low attacking PP. This is because it simply lacks the coverage for them, only really using Water- and Ice-type attacks. Thus, Pokemon like Vaporeon and Dewgong can effortlessly stall even a +6 Golduck out.

**Tentacruel**: Tentacruel's Wrap can delay Golduck's set-up quite well, and if it uses Swords Dance, it can be swiftly chipped down into KO range. Hyper Beam variants are particularly soul-crushing, meaning Tentacruel doesn't even need to pivot to a better attacker to finish it off. It does fear the niche Confusion, but Golduck still relies on extreme luck to win the matchup outright unless the Tentacruel is running Rest.

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